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About The Shapiro Method

Over a decade of training, participation in lyme's studies, working with clients and healing lyme's in my own body have taught me one thing for absolute certain...

What we need to perfect FIRST is not the process of healing lyme's but our strategy for determining if and how lyme disease is present in a body.  Simply stated, we need to get better at detection and assessment, only when we do this stage of the process correctly can we determine a strategy for healing.

I feel it is absolute insanity how most doctors AND healers ATTACK the body thinking the way to cure is to kill EVERYTHING.  This is NOT HEALING. 

My method is about three things:

1) Accurate Detection

2) Accurate Assessment

3) Strategizing a Cure

I am teaching this method to anyone that wishes to learn.  While there are some medical aspects of understanding, I'm choosing to teach it to those with limited medical training.  I don't care if you are a doctor, a healer, a lawyer, a home-maker, this information will help anyone on the path to healing themselves and others.

We need to get our souls back.

Lyme's forces a soul retrieval process.

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"Lyme disease is an offering.  If we take it, we go deeper into ourselves, our bodies, our experience of our lives and our connections to others, the earth and our work here in this incarnation.  The longer we fight it and try to find others to 'fix' us, the longer we struggle for our bodies are not to be fixed or ignored, they are to be honored and healed.  It is a difference in perception, yes, an critical difference in perception."

Excerpt from the book.




"I have had the opportunity to work with Jenifer and all I can say is this woman's dedication to healing is in itself and empowering force to be around.  I really came to her with no hope.  I couldn't walk or move my tongue.  Within 3 sessions, I was 50% better and within 3 months, 80% cured of 12 years of chronic symptoms.  I'm looking forward to continuing the process."

Kay R., 52, Alabama